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i-Ox Smartphone Grip

The World’s First phone holder you can attach and detach using enhanced vacuum technology. The i-Ox is unique in both design and function. i-Ox Smartphone Grip is the most convenient multifunctional phone accessory that allows you to grip your phone by using just one of your fingers. The i-Ox will give you the freedom needed to multi-task like a pro!

Colors and finishes



i-Ox Smartphone grip is attachable and
detachable to any smartphone
with a smooth and firm surface.

  • i-Ox – Smartphone Grip that allows to hold and operate your device using just one hand.
  • Reaching all of the screens points using JUST ONE HAND
  • Typing, gaming and browsing with JUST ONE HAND
  • Steadying a shot with JUST ONE HAND
  • Easily turn a smartphone from HORIZONTAL position to VERTICAL
  • As a STAND to watch movies or cartoons
  • Selfies from a far distance
  • Easily operating your smartphone with just one hand while the other is occupied
  • Lying down and not being concerned about your smartphone dropping on your face
  • US: Free Shipping
  • Canada shipping: $7
  • International shipping: $10
  • The i-Ox is easy to attach and detach to any device with smooth and firm plastic or glass surfaces
  • You can attach the i-Ox with adhesive sticker we provide with the i-Ox
  • Diameter: 1.25” or 31.75mm
  • Height: 0.2” or 5mm